COVID-19 Self Quarantine by a Quadriplegic - Day 02​

My second day of self quarantine started with finding ways to safely follow my daily routine. My meticulous planning of travel resulted in many pluses in an emergency situation like this ( self quarantine). I had purchased a height adjustable traveling commode wheelchair with savings of my lifetime and my investment proved a lifesaver. I got the height of my commode wheelchair adjusted by my attendant according to the height of my bed and I was able to comfortably transfer from my bed to commode wheelchair with minimal supervision.

After finishing my daily routine, I got back on to bed and decided to lie prone most of the time for the next two days as I need to release pressure from my buttocks. It had been very busy the previous 4 days and I had to sit for a very long duration during these 4 days while traveling and attending interviews after the interview.

Meanwhile I tried to keep my attendant engaged with conversation, some work like washing clothes and arranging bags as well as television. It was very important for me to keep my attendant under strict quarantine protocol happily.

Till evening I talked to most of my well-wishers over the phone and informed them with my updates. After dinner, I decided to write about my experiences from each day of my quarantine everyday.

First two days passed like a snap of the fingers and it seemed very easy to continue for the rest of the quarantine period.

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