​ Spread LOVE, not Fear - Dr Divya Parashar

For all of us, a few simple measures to maintain our sense of peace, calm, equanimity, and sound decision making is all we need:  

a. Stay prepared in the event of the outbreak spreading: What do we do as a family and as a responsible professional to prepare ourselves? Preparedness is different from being paranoid, from hoarding. In my case, it is to talk to my octogenarian doctor dad to limit his work at the hospital in case there is a confirmed case there, which there isn’t. But till then, I cannot curtail him from doing his call of duty. 
I had zero cancelations of clients till I left for my retreat. I acknowledged if they would not like to shake hands and I would greet them with a customary, warm hello, would receive them at the reception so that they don’t have to manage opening doors, would wipe down armrests of the chairs, and have a hand sanitizer out on my desk. And most importantly, I would ensure that I was healthy and well to not put others at risk. How do I know they were OK? Well, there is something known as trust and operating from a space of calm and not being obsessed with the worst case scenario. 

b. The quality of our thoughts are important: We feel and act based on what we think. So work through your worry-induced thoughts that are catastrophizing and are of the tone of “What if this happens, then what…?” What are the chances that your earlier “what if” thoughts came alive? 

c. Maintain a general sense of well-being: Get sound, restful sleep, eat regular, nutritious meals, and exercise. 

d. Cope well: Limit the use of alcohol, tobacco, and drugs to self-medicate. 

e. Practicing calming strategies such as mindfulness, meditation, movement based exercise, diaphragmatic breathing, and techniques such as progressive muscular relaxation.

f. Like I mentioned earlier and I will reinforce, take everyday preventive measures (frequent handwashing, cough etiquette, for those who bite nails, now is the time to stop)

g. And if you are social distancing, spend time with your loved ones. Turn off the TV, put away your phones and connect in conversations, in playing board games, or actual sport such as badminton, or throwing hoops, or playing hopscotch, or going for runs, or whatever it is that will rekindle that connection in our otherwise busy, frenzied world.

h. Spend time with yourself.

And most importantly, in these trying times, spread love, not fear!


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