COVID-19 Self Quarantine by a Quadriplegic - Day 03

Day 3 of quarantine began with a similar routine but by afternoon I was planning financial management as I was left with limited cash to sustain 11 more days at a place where the only mode of payment is cash. I counted every last coin in my purse and planned for everyday expenses for the next 11 days.

We were more or less settled in our temporary accommodation for the quarantine. I found a secluded place inside the campus of Jat Bhawan to sit in the sunlight and a stretch of 20 meters of pathway in the corridor of the building to do wheelchair propelling.

As more and more news of new cases of confirmed cases of COVID19 had started to come till this time, occupancy of rooms in my corridor had gone to 1 which was my room. I had very few options to spend my time meaningfully in absence of stable internet connectivity with sufficient bandwidth and data.

I spent most of the time calling my family, friends as well as persons with spinal cord injury. Not to forget, my biggest concern was keeping my caregiver engaged, well informed about protocols for self quarantine and committed to follow these protocols. I was regularly reminding him to wash hands to drill all the precautions into him. Though I hate watching television with few exceptions, I allowed him to freely watch whatever he likes to keep him in a happy space. To Be honest, it was the most torturous part of my ordeal.

I was unable to concentrate on anything in such an environment. So I found solace in listening to the audio format of free novels available on Audible. It was well thought of decision as I had limited data and I couldn’t afford to watch movies or TV series over video streaming platforms.

More or less it was a day well spent.

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