Do’s by Dr. Mary Verghese


             Constant vigilance! Watchword of the paraplegic: Day after day, week after week, year after year, for as                  long as one should live, the patient, exacting ritual:

    • examining the body thoroughly for reddened areas
    • using a hand mirror for back, hips, heels, and elbows
    • bathing daily with warm water and soap
    • then rubbing lightly over paralyzed parts
    • applying powder when the skin was dry
    • using foam rubber pads to keep pressure off any part that showed signs of redness
    • making sure that no part was subjected to pressure for more than an hour
    • keeping the skin dry

    •  treating every slightest abrasion as if it were a mortal wound.

             Monotonous, time consuming routines,  but for the paraplegic, a matter of life or death!

             To preserve this checklist, download the poster here


                       Take My Hands, The Remarkable Story of  Dr  Mary Verghese, a biography by Dorothy  Clarke Wilson

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