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Gadson Gamason is from Tanzania. He was suffering from acute pressure sores when he was brought to India. The pressures sores were so acute that even his hip region was almost eaten away. He even had a collapsed lung when he was brought to CMC Vellore. About 15 months was spend in fixing the pressures sores, and then there was no stopping Gadson. 

The traditional African strength and penchant for flair took over. after he figured out how to do a wheelie, his wheelchair was rarely ever on four wheels. His recovery was such a surprise to the government in his country that it decided to send a high-level delegation to India. Gadson runs a community radio and also teaches. 

He can make mincemeat of long distances on his wheelchair. Those who saw Gadson first when he came to India will confirm that what he does now is stuff they never dreamed he would be doing. That is how good he became due to Rehab training in India.

Will Chair

Pragya Ghildial does not let life on a wheelchair due to a road accident in 2005 bother her one bit. She decided to view this an opportunity to empower the physically challenged. In her words, “I soon realized my wheelchair was actually my ‘will’ chair.” She teaches yoga at Indian Spinal Injuries Centre and is actively involved in sports, training now for the next Asian Games.

Story of Pragya Ghildial

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