Pillars of Skin Care​​

Push up

Doing a push up every ten minutes for 20/30 seconds when sitting anywhere, on any surface and irrespective of what you are doing. Sitting without doing a push up is like drunken driving, a disaster waiting to happen.

Prone Position

Lying down in prone position for as long as is possible, especially at night, as it is the safest. (Persons with cervical level injury must check with their doctors whether this position is ok, as a few of them could have respiratory / breathing issues.). Lying down in prone position is the safest for a spinal cord injured person as the five most vulnerable spots are completely safe in this position. Make sure you do a push every 2 / 3 hours.

Turning of position every two hours when lying down in any other position (supine, left side and right side).

Check your skin in the lower back and buttock areas every morning using a mirror (do this yourself or use a caregiver, if your hand functions are impacted) and apply a few drops of coconut oil. 

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