Mobility Expertise

Meet Mr Mobility

Mr. D. Gnanabharathi is fully independent despite a fairly high-level thoracic spinal cord injury.

Wheelchair, toileting/ commode wheelchair, self-modified scooter (into which he moves in and effort effortlessly), car, train and flights – he manages all of them! He drives long distances on his own and enjoys it to the hilt. He is rarely confined to home and is active in multiple fora related to the physically challenged in Tamil Nadu. 

Be it car modification, bike modification, travelling long distances by car/train, travelling abroad and bladder / bowel management during such travels, to name a few, he is one of the very best to give suggestions.

If you need any ideas on how to make yourself more mobile, please get in touch with him.  You could write to him at [email protected]m.  He can be reached at 0 99625 2823

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