COVID-19 Self Quarantine by a Quadriplegic - Day 04

My plans for the rest of the quarantine period was settled by the fourth day. I was keeping myself busy with phone calls, mentoring, physical exercise including wheeling in the corridor, sitting in the sun for a while, listening to audio formats of novels and most importantly keeping my caregiver engaged.

My major focus was keeping my mental health sound till the end of the 14th day but I was obsessively vigilant about following all the guidelines suggested by World Health Organization for prevention from COVID19. I was not only maintaining social distancing but I was washing my hands at regular intervals. All of these would have become meaningless if my caregiver hadn’t followed these guidelines. That’s why I had taken responsibility to ensure that my caregiver is also following all preventive measures including handwash, not venturing outside the room, touching anything outside the room and maintaining a distance of 2 meters from anyone else.

My fourth day also passed easily.

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