COVID-19 Self Quarantine by a Quadriplegic - Day 05

We had a set routine and we were following it without hiccups but we needed some essentials to keep following all the precautions to prevent ourselves from exposing ourselves to the community for the next 9 days. As I am a person with high level spinal cord injury, I do need some essential medicines. I was getting short of these medicines as I had medicines for the duration of travel only. Also I needed some warm clothes due to constantly changing weather. 

After finishing my daily routine, I prepared a checklist of all of my requirements. Getting these things was not an issue at all. I was staying 600 meters from my permanent accommodation. I just needed to ask someone to bring these things to me but it wouldn’t be safe if that person came directly to us. 

I asked him to wear gloves after hand wash before packing things off my checklist. Also I suggested him to make sure not to touch anything in way while bringing the baggage. I asked him to leave the bag outside my room and return without getting in contact with us. 

Rest of the day went as planned. 

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