COVID-19 Self Quarantine by a Quadriplegic - Day 06

Day 6 of my self isolation began with desperate request from my caregiver to let him go outside for smoking. Yes it had been 5 days since he hadn’t smoked though he is an addict. It took me sometime to pacify him for controlling his urge to taste nicotine but it worked till lunch only.

He was willing to leave quarantine midway. I was served with an ultimatum to either let him go for smoking or compromise with quarantine. Either way it would have compromised my quarantine.

I had very few options left and I had to decide rationally. I knew that one staff in the Jat Bhawan smokes as I used to come here to book rooms before. I thought of a plan C and suggested my caregiver to ask that staff to get a pack of cigarettes for him. I made a pact with my caregiver by allowing  him to smoke 2 cigarettes a day in the washroom.

I had saved the day but this episode of leaving quarantine midway left me with a lot of anxiety. Set routine since last 5 days had been jeopardized and I was unable to do anything for the rest of the day

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