COVID-19 Self Quarantine by a Quadriplegic - Day 07 & Day 08

As I couldn’t sleep well the whole night previous night, I woke up very late on Day 7. It was almost lunch time when I finished my daily chores. As promised I let my caregiver smoke in the washroom and everything seemed settled.

I had gone anxious and I was feeling paranoid for the whole day. I was getting the feeling of catching COVID 19 even if I sneezed once. Out of desperation I called my family, friends and mentors to calm my nerves down. This intervention worked and I had many ideas to get over my anxiety after finishing all my conversations.

I identified all my interests which are available in the form of applications and installed a few in my smartphone. Though I am not a fine chess player, I like to play Chess. I spent most of my day 7 and day 8 improving my chess skills apart from propelling my wheelchair and doing bed exercises.

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