COVID-19 Self Quarantine by a Quadriplegic - Day 12

I had returned to my room and I had got familiar environment. Still I had 3 days remaining to complete 14 days of self isolation. We had food safety and I had got access to good internet connectivity after 20 days.

The major issue was unavailability of an attached washroom. We used the common toilet and washroom during regular days. I discussed this issue with Sunil and he advised me to use one common washroom which will not be used by others till completion of our self quarantine. Still I avoided using the washroom on day 12 as I can manage without doing a bowel program for a day.

In the morning, I just did facewash and toothbrushing with water from the drum. I reduced the quantity of my food intake for the day. Rest I did everything according to my routine.

The Closing of the gate towards the backside of the rehabilitation center allowed me to use the back corridor to do wheelchair propelling for some time. I spent the rest of my day listening to music on Alexa, reading and doing some random work.

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