COVID-19 Self Quarantine by a Quadriplegic - Day 13 & Day 14

The first thing in my mind on day 13 was to get fresh. I had to use the washroom in the safest possible way. I called the nursing station in the morning to keep the backside gate and washroom open so that I can reach the washroom without touching anything and maintaining adequate distance from anyone else.

I shifted to my commode wheelchair and reached the washroom in the same way. I used the washroom to get fresh and take a good bath. I came back to my room in the same manner and again the gate towards the backside was closed.

I was fresh and ready to complete the rest of my 2 days of self quarantine like a breeze. Everything was settled and I was just hoping that I pass this time without fever, sore throat and coughing.

I covered myself with a blanket for the rest of the day. I didn’t come out of the room in fear of catching any kind of cold or flu. I spent my last two days lying on my bed under a blanket. I kept changing my position every two hours as part of my skin care practice.

I was eating, sleeping, working and listening to music on Alexa in a cyclical schedule for the whole 48 hours. Fortunately I came out victorious on Day 15 but our war is not over at all. We have to keep maintaining social distancing in a safe way as well as follow guidelines from World Health Organization for a very long period of time. It will be more appropriate if we make these safety measures as part of our lifestyle for the rest of our life. We don’t know when it will get over.

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