New Injury

Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) is perhaps one of the most devastating ailments that can afflicts person, and one of the most severe forms of multiple disabilities. An SCI affects all or some of body functions below the level of injury.

Besides the ability to walk and use arms, several other body functions are also impacted, such as sensation, autonomic functions such as bowel and bladder control, respiratory function, hemodynamic stability, temperature control and sexual function. It leads to lifelong disability.

Improper management can cause major health complications and severely compromise the life of persons with SCI. Improper evacuation, first aid at site and hospital transfer leads to additional insult to injury. Lack of comprehensive rehab leads to repeated hospitalization, morbidity or even death due to complications of pressure sores, urinary infection, respiratory system and other complications.

It imposes enormous physical, financial and emotional hardship on the person and his family. Instead of living a health and meaningful life, the person struggles with health problems for years and years.  

As there is no cure for spinal cord injury, appropriate pre hospital care, proper treatment, comprehensive rehabilitation and community inclusion can empower a person with SCI to lead a full and meaningful life. Many spinal cord injured persons who got a good rehabilitation and support are living healthy, successful and productive lives.

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