Treatment Myths

  • `We will do a surgery and release the compression. He / she will  be like before the injury.’
  • `We will fix the fracture of the bones and that will take care of the compression.’
  • `Go home after the surgery and you can start sitting for several hours.’
  • `Go home and keep doing physiotherapy, you will be alright in six months to a year.’
  • `You are reduced to being a dependent person for life.’
  • `Take hot water / oil massage to help revive the paralyzed parts.’
  • `Be on stem cell `treatment’ and injections for six months, and you will be back in top shape.’
  • `Bladder and bowel sensation and control will return over a period of time.’
  • `Air bed / water bed / air cushions will take care of your skin.’
  • `You have pressure ulcers (bed sores). So you cannot go through rehabilitation’.
  • `Take five rounds of stem-cell treatment in the first three months and the damage will be reversed’.
  • `Do robotic therapy and you will be able to walk again’.
  • `What you have is only a muscle sprain. It will get okay in a month or two’.
  • `Ayurveda and oil message will fix the problem’.
  • `Keep giving hot water massage for the legs. That will stimulate blood circulation and revive functional ability’.
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